When it comes to the justice system, you'll need to learn some crucial tips so that you're not caught off guard by the proceedings. This is especially important when it comes to DUI cases, because the penalties can be life changing. Also, the process might be intimidating if you are not used to making your way through the court system. In order to make sure that you have a fair shot in your DUI trial, consider some of the following information, which will give you the help that you need.

#1: Understand The Magnitude Of The Situation And Your Potential Penalties

It can be easy for your imagination to run wild if you don't actually understand what you are facing when charged with a DUI. For starters, you should understand that though the legal limit is .08 percent, you are not automatically considered guilty of your breathalyzer or blood test was over the limit. When going into a DUI case, you should understand exactly what type of jail time, fines and penalties you face. Some states have no jail time for first offenders, while others have minimum jail sentences, even if it was your first DUI. Knowing what to expect goes a long way toward planning your defense and keeping your peace of mind. 

#2: Know Some Possible Defense Strategies

When you go to court, you'll need to work with your lawyer to make sure you're on the same page in terms of your defense. These are some of the defense strategies that attorneys use with DUI cases:

  • The officer didn't have the right or probable cause to pull you over and ask for a breathalyzer sample
  • The officer improperly administered the field sobriety test or was misleading in instructions
  • The results of the breathalyzer or other blood alcohol content test were erroneous or inconclusive
  • Other health issues contributed to your elevated blood alcohol content reading

#3: Be Open To Plea Arrangements

In some cases, the evidence is too heavily stacked against you to hope for anything positive in the court room. When this is the case, many prosecutors are willing to offer plea agreements. In these agreements, you will typically plead guilty, in exchange for a lesser sentence or punishment. This helps you keep your record cleaner, while still receiving some sort of penalty for your actions if you were drinking and driving. 

With these tips in mind, make sure you reach out to a criminal defense lawyer, such as those at Balduf William Law Office, who can help try your case.