Are you a felon who is facing a long time in jail after getting caught with a gun in your possession?  Being that you have broken a major law, the best thing that you can do is hire a felony defense attorney to make the best of the situation. He or she can possibly come up with a good plea deal that will get you the a minimal sentence. Take a look at this article for a general idea of what might happen as a lawyer helps you sort out your criminal case.

1. Get an Idea of Your Criminal History

In order for a defense attorney to properly represent you in court, he or she must have a good idea of your criminal past. You will be asked questions in regards to any crimes you have committed that might come up in court. It is wise for you to answer each question with complete honesty, as falsifying information will only work against you. An attorney can actually build a stronger defense when he or she is prepared for whatever negative statement is made about you in court. Your actual criminal records might be obtained by the attorney so he or she can verify anything that is discussed during the consultation.

2. Decide Which Plea Deal is Likely to Be Accepted

Due to you already being guilty of carrying a gun as a felon, the best way to get a minimal sentence is to admit that you are wrong. A defense attorney can assist you with making a plea to the judge for a reduced sentence in return for your admission of guilt. For instance, the attorney might ask you to agree to spend a few years behind bars and admit you are guilty, which will likely be better than the sentence you are at risking of getting. He or she might also recommend that you serve time on probation after you are released from jail as a part of the plea deal. Doing community service is another possible part of the plea deal that the attorney might suggest.

3. Create a Better Image of the Type of Person You Are

To increase your chance of getting a minimal sentence, a defense attorney will bring out the good traits that you have. For example, if you have ever overcome a bad addiction, he or she can bring it up in court to demonstrate that you are capable of changing bad habits. Simply tell the attorney about anything positive that you have done in your life that can highlight your character.