Facing a criminal charge is serious business. Criminal charges have the potential to send you to prison and have the potential to stay with you for decades. That is why you need to work to find a great defense attorney in order to protect yourself from the serious and long-term consequences of criminal charges.

#1 Look for a Lawyer with the Right Experience

The truth is that the field of law is vast. There are so many topics that a lawyer can focus on for their career. One could be a real estate lawyer, a tax lawyer, a criminal lawyer, or another type of lawyer entirely. You can even break those big categories into smaller categories, for example, a criminal attorney could focus on tax law, blue-collar crimes, white-collar crimes, domestic violence charges, burglary charges, or murder charges.

When you look for an attorney, you want to look for one who not only has spent their career work in criminal law but has extensive experience in the kind type of charges that you are facing. You want to choose an attorney who knows all the details and sides of the type of case that you face to increase your chances of a successful case.

Although it would be great to get a plea bargain, you can't guarantee that will happen. Look for a lawyer who has some experience in the courtroom. Facing off in the courtroom is different than just doing plea bargains and things outside of the courtroom. You want an attorney who will be able to handle the courtroom if your case makes to court.

#2 Consider the Lawyers Entire Team

When hiring an attorney, you need to make sure that you consider what it would be like to work not just with the attorney but with their entire legal team. You are going to be working closely with their administrative staff and with the paralegals on their staff. If the attorney is part of a firm or partnership, you may also be working with the other attorneys at the practice.

That is why you need to make sure you feel comfortable not just with the particular attorney you will be hiring, but with their entire staff. Trust your feelings. You want to work with a legal team who you feel is compassionate towards you, who is good at explaining options to you, and who you feel fully supported by. Choose an attorney who will explain your choices to you and work with you to make the right defense choice for your life.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, take your time to find someone who has the specific experience level you need. Make sure the attorney you select has a team you believe in and feel support from. Contact a firm, like GLEN ALBRIGHT LAW, to get started.