If you have found yourself facing a criminal charge, then it's normal for you to feel overwhelmed and even downright terrified. In the middle of all those emotions, it can be so easy for you to make mistakes. You may make some mistakes you would have anyway, as well as some that you normally would know better not to make. The problem is, when you are facing criminal charges, you can't really afford any mistakes. This is why you want to make sure you understand the importance of getting a criminal lawyer, right away. You can learn more about facing criminal charges, and why asking for a lawyer can be so important, here: 

You will be interrogated

If you get arrested, then law enforcement will interrogate you. This is done in an interrogation room. You will likely begin the interrogation shortly after your arrest. The officers will generally go hard at you, questioning you using different tactics and for long periods of time. Some of the tactics they often use include isolation, lying, manipulating, and instilling fear, to name a few. They will also go fast and hard because they want to get as much out of you as they can before you finally get your wits about you and ask for a lawyer. 

They will try to get a confession from you, for a number of reasons. If you confess, then they can close the case faster. Also, once they have a confession, then they won't have to put a case together to try in front of jurors, which would be costly. Also, they can close the case with very little evidence. This means if there is a weak case against someone who's been arrested, the police may need to get a confession because there wouldn't be enough evidence to take them to trial. 

Anything that you say during the interrogation, or at any time from the first moment you came into contact with the officers, can be twisted and used to make it look as if you were guilty of the crime, even if you aren't, and you expected what you said to actually clear you. This is why it is so important for you to have a lawyer. 

A lawyer can protect you and your rights

Something you want to always remember is that the moment you ask for a lawyer and make it clear that you are asking for one, then the interrogation will stop. They won't be able to ask you any more questions until you have your lawyer present. 

You may be wondering why people allow themselves to be interrogated for such long periods of time before they finally ask for a lawyer. Some people don't know that the interrogation will stop completely once they ask for a lawyer. Other people think they can talk their way out if they stick to their story. Some are just so nervous that logic goes out the window, and they are running on autopilot, not really thinking about anything other than what's going on at the moment. 

Many people allow themselves to get interrogated for a while before it dawns on them to ask for a lawyer. The problem with this is that they will have already given the police a lot of information before asking for a lawyer. All that information can be used how they want in order to make the person look guilty. Now, the lawyer's job has just become harder, because they have to work around all that information that was stated. The best thing for you to do is to ask for a lawyer immediately upon your arrest.

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